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The benefits of professional drug rehab for someone struggling with drug addiction are numerous. The biggest advantage of rehab, of course, is that a professionally supervised drug rehabilitation program can help an addicted user to regain health, community connections and control over their lives. If you are in need of immediate drug abuse rehab information, please dial 1-800-234-8334. One of our trained counselors will be available to talk any time that you call.

When someone develops dependence or addiction to a drug, the drug can control every aspect of the abuser’s life, including thinking, mood behavior, emotions, control, spending, etc. Unless professional help is sought to overcome addiction, some of the effects of drug abuse could be permanent. The benefits of rehab treatment can be broadly categorized into three categories, namely physical, mental and emotional benefits.

Physical Benefits – The physical benefits of drug abuse rehab can be seen within the first few weeks after treatment. The person will begin thinking more clearly, their skin will begin to take on a healthy appearance, and in general, they will begin regaining a normal, healthy existence.

Drug Abuse Rehab

In most cases, drug rehab will involve the slow tapering of the drugs that have been abused. Abrupt withdrawal of the drugs may cause serious and potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. As the drug is gradually withdrawn, the patient will start showing increased appetite and interest in food.

For those addicted to cocaine, their hearts will begin to regain strength. For those addicted to alcohol intake, their livers will improve functioning. For marijuana addicts, they will begin to think more clearly and have greater energy. Generally, anyone who has been engaging in regular drug abuse and who has developed a dependency will start feeling better once they have started drug abuse rehab.

Mental Benefits – Drugs affect the normal chemistry and functioning of the brain. They affect the neurotransmitters and interfere with the general functioning of the brain. This is the reason why drug addicts often have difficulty controlling their emotions and thoughts. Some even have thoughts of inflicting self harm, while others commit actual violence on others.

Distortion of thinking can be so severe for some abusers that it begins to result in mental illness. Most drug rehabs offer counseling and detox in order to remove the toxins from the blood. Once this has successfully been done, the patient will begin regaining awareness of their situation and surroundings. The patient will now be able to think clearly and make intelligent decisions and observations.

Emotional Benefits – Persons that are addicted to the abuse of drugs often find it difficult to control their emotions. They may have mood swings characterized by unexplained sadness or happiness. Others suffer from stress, anxiety and depression.

To counter the emotional side effects of the abuse of drugs, rehab may include the administration of central nervous system depressants, tranquilizers, pain killers and other medications. This is combined with counseling, physiotherapy procedures and physical exercise. With time, the patient’s emotions will begin to stabilize.

All these benefits of drug rehab will help the patient overcome addiction and live a very normal drug free life. The treatment is usually very slow and gradual. In addition, most drug abuse rehab centers offer ongoing support after the patient has successfully undertaken rehab. This ongoing support can help prevent relapse.

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